you know about balloons, children use it to play and it is also used for decoration. You know about a balloon, but why balloon burst know about it? So let's know what is the real fact behind balloon bursting?

What is fact behind balloon bursting ?

When the pin and pointed object put in the balloon, then the balloon was burst. The reason being balloon bursting was the balloon is flexible. It was composed of lacquer materials such as rubber, latex, polychlorinated, etc. Filling the air in the balloon increases its attachment and it gets bigger than its original shape. The air pressure in the balloon is higher than the outside atmosphere. When you put a pin in the balloon, it makes a small hole. Around the rubber can not pull in any direction equal, because it does not seem to have any force in the middle of the hole, so the net force draws rubber away from the hole and makes it larger and increases the force's imbalance.

Within one second the balloon rolls back from the entire rubber pin to the opposite side. The Atomic Long Polymer of the Influenza is composed and linked to each other. Therefore, it has highly blossomed, or a string or pin inserted into it, high-pressure air in it is released simultaneously and it creates airwaves. So when the balloon burst, then a sound free from the pressure air contained in it. So the sound comes when the balloon burst.

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