Oil and gas sources finding process on earth 

Today we use petroleum, coal gas, solar energy, wind power. All these energy sources prove that we are very helpful and where we get it, we know very well but where is the oil and gas source located and how it is discovered? So let's know.

How to find Oil and gas sources on earth

Oil and gas source is located on the earth, but they are not located in every location, they are only in the minimum space. Earth has 39% oil and 28% to 33% natural gas. It can only be obtained from the soil. It can find as about 200 foot deep boring in the soil to find sources of oil and gas from below ground. In the soil about 250 kilograms of bombs or dynamite blasts. Due to this explosion, around 10 K.M. of surrounding land trembles. The seismic waves produced after the explosion are recorded from a seismic phone, then geologist analyzes the data of seismic wave from using supercomputers. This data gives how much gas and oil sources are in the exploration site. Then start the gas and raw oil wells from the exploration site.

When a seismic wave is released from another method to obtain the source of gas or oil from the seas and the river. Seismic waves are released into the water using a ship in the sea and river. It clashes with the source of rock, oil, and gas in water and then it clashes hydrophone and seismometer at Attached with the ship. By collecting data about this, geologist analyzes the data using a supercomputer. Then start the process of extracting oil and gas in place. This process takes about one year after processed the oil and gas are supplied to the market.

How to find Oil and gas sources on earth

Highest the source of oil and gas on the planet is in countries like Saudi Arabia, USA, Russia, Iran, UAE, China.
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