A smartphone is the first choice in today's world, so today we go to the world of smartphones, there are many advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on us how we use it. If we talk about one of the beneficial uses Its mobile wallet. Now the world gets digital, so new technologies are coming,  so the money Transaction is also digital, that name is Mobile Wallet or e-wallet.

What is mobile wallet 

Today, day-to-day technology is ahead of us. The popular mobile wallet is a technology that lets you keep your debit card information digitally on your mobile. While purchasing, you can make payments through smartphones, tablets, smartwatch. In general, a mobile wallet is a new payment method, through which we can get the money through trade and mobiles That can pay. Money in this wallet is kept as unbelievable money. Thus mobile wallet is a type of virtual account that is relatively easy to use.

What is mobile wallet and how to use mobile wallet

How does mobile wallet work 

Mobile Wallet is like a bank account opened in mobile. In which money is in a digital form. The way in which an account is created using the Internet, there is a virtual account. In the mobile wallet, you have to keep money through a bank account, debit card or credit card. If you do not use this amount for a few days, it gets deposited in your bank account. To use the mobile, you have to first open your account and it is necessary to have a mobile number. After that, the mobile number is registered and money can be transferred through the debit card. Thus, the mobile wallet works on simple principals, you can Transact digital money.

How to use mobile wallet 

Using a mobile wallet is easy. Through mobile wallet, you can transfer digital money to the bank and convert the amount in the bank into a digital form in mobile. With a mobile wallet, you can transfer digital money to another person and you can accept digital money from another person. Using the digital money in the mobile wallet, you can pay a petrol pump, hotel, shopping mall or any other service, but in all this, it is necessary that you pay the payment to your service provider It can be used only if it is a same mobile wallet.

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