What is WWW? 

In our life Internet is very important and helpful for us. In today's life without internet is not possible. Almost all the works are done through the internet. While internet invetnt that it was not believed  here you can easily do everything in the world, but today in the era of technology, the Internet is moving far beyond our human life.The World Wide Web is the most important tool in the Internet. Do you know what is World Wide Web and how it works? So let's know.

World Wide Web  is considered an important tool for the Internet because it is impossible to connect to the internet without it. You know when using the Internet in any website address is written www. So the w.w.w. means World Wide Web and it also known by W3 and web. Many web servers and clients connect together through this service, the most widely used on the Internet.

What is WWW? How Does WWW work?

How Does WWW work?

HTML documents of the Web server in  stored  images, videos, and different types of online content, which can be accessed with the help of web.World Wide Web is a one of the type of information space, where documents and other resources are identified by the Uniform Resource Locator URL. Which can be intercepted by the hypertext and can be accessed via the internet.If the url of a website in written www, then that means  the website is stored on a web server, which is connected to the web, then they access  by the World Wide Web. Besides, it can be easily contacted anywhere in the world.