gold is none corrosive metal 

We all know that gold is a yellow metal and has been used since ancient times and its use for wealth. The purity of gold is measured in the carat. Gold is the most expensive metal in yellow color. Gold and copper were first invented in the world, so gold is the ancient metal. Usually iron, brass, copper,  metals that come in contact with the environment then they corrosion and it's color change, but do not know What is Real Fact behind gold is none corrosive metal? So let's know why gold is noncorrosive metal.

Gold is a Noble Metal, which is chemically inactive and not corrosive in the natural and industrial environment. Gold does not react to oxygen in the atmosphere. According to Ayurveda, there is force and energy in gold. According to doctors, if the gold is injected into our body, it can destroy the disease like cancer and give the energy to defeat the disease, but the gold is entering our body to more possibility to stop the heart from the body.
What is Real Fact behind gold is none corrosive metal?

If the carat is more in gold then the more possibility of breaking down jewelry. Carat is a gold purification unit. In the same way, made in gold things like jewelry, coins in gold's ratio is 99.9% it's called 24-carat pure gold.18 carat Gold in  75%, 14-carat gold in 58.5% and 10-carat gold in 41.7% with pure gold. And the remaining part of which is usually mixed a silver, copper, etc. The gold is available from the land even if it is expensive because the gold is not found in the soil due to a lot of purity, so many processes are processed to get pure gold that the gold is expensive. Today, the gold business is running very fast in the world. There is also more gold worn by Indians in the world.

There is no effect on the gold contact with the environment, but the spray, diocesan, perfumes, and acids such as contact with pure gold then the gold may get worse.

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