What is Alert?

Natural disasters are always coming. The weather department is organized to know about these natural disasters, preparing for disasters, management for disasters, etc. The weather department is alerted for the season warning. Which includes three types of alerts First is Red Alert, Second is Orange Alert and the third is Yellow Alert. So you know what it means three Alert? Let's know

What is Red Alert, Orange Alert And Yellow Alert?

What is Red Alert?

This alert is declared when the season is bad intensity condition. Red alert declared when most harmful hurricanes. When a hurricane comes with a higher intensity such as precipitation of 130 km or more hours of heavy rainfall, then declared red alert for the range of hurricanes area, and the government is required to take necessary action. A red alert means the dangerous situation. Red alert is declared when the season reaches a dangerous level and there is a danger of heavy losses. This announcement is declared only when the possibility of consecutive rainfall more than 30 mm and for two hours. The people living in low lying areas Are moved in this situation.

What is Red Alert, Orange Alert And Yellow Alert?

What is Orange Alert?

An orange alert, according to the weather department declared when such bad weather. In Orange Alert, the hurricane is responsible for bad weather, in this situation weather department declared Orange Alert, due to which damage to the road and vehicle is affected. In this situation, people are instructed to stay at home. That means 7.5 to 15mm consecutive rains are expected to for one or two hours.

What is Yellow Alert?

The Yellow Alert is declared only to be aware of the danger and bad weather,. This alert is only for aware of bad weather.

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